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T H O M A S   S L I G H

Thomas Sligh has been writing and recording songs for over 35 years. He is also the Pastor of Treasures of the Heart Worship Center located in Frederick, Maryland. His true desire is to spread the love of Jesus Christ across the entire world.  He has has opened for many legendary Christian recording artist over his career.  He is a musician, singer, songwriter and  preacher of the word of God. He created Treasures of the Heart Music & TV Ministries in 2001. He has achieved various music & TV awards throughout his career. He is also the proud father of three children and husband of Zohnette  Sligh.  Thomas is now venturing out with his new solo  single,  after at 10 year absence from his last professional recording. His hearts desire is to encourage the entire world to "Step Into the Light" of Jesus Christ.   



To spread the joy of the Lord through song in creative and inspiring ways. To "WAKE UP" the spiritual gifts in people from all walks of life, and to "WIN" souls for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ! 



My vision is build and cultivate unity across the world, in tearing down cultural barriers through my music. I desire to see people come together in authentic fellowship in the presence of the holy to be set free from their hurt and pain. 

Music Sheets
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